What’s on your channel?

I don’t know about you guys but I really enjoy chilling out and watching TV on my days off or on the weekend with my husband. I am super fussy about the shows that I like to watch. Mcleods Daughters and Friends are pretty standard in our household. I’ve recently had my mum visiting us and she LOVES watching the news. I’m talking several times a day here – literally the exact same stories are on every hour and ‘breaking news’ is when Kate Middleton breaks a finger nail. It’s actually ridiculous.

I had the TV on in the background today and usually I watch channel 10. I have no idea why. Anyway! Studio 10 was on this morning as I was fiddling around the house and I over heard them talking about kids not being able to give out Christmas cards at school anymore because it can potentially bring up the topic of religion or Jesus and apparently thats a problem. I had tears in my eyes at this point! ITS A CARD FOR CRYING OUT LOUD! It’s not like these kids are handing out bibles and preaching to every kid in the school yard! But what would be wrong with that if the kids were called to that? I then some what ignored what the next few stories were for a little while after that and then decided that Charli could watch the wiggles.

A while later I was watching Dr. Phil and it was an exclusive story on why an 11 year old boy attempted to commit suicide (he later died from his injuries) because his 13 year old girl friend pretended to commit suicide. This made me feel physically sick. His poor mother had to turn off his life support and then tell the whole world what happened to him.

Not long after that ‘the bachelor’ repeat from last night came on. I was in the middle of tiding up the kitchen when I heard ‘ew, she’s so ugly – why is she even here’ and then ‘your dress is putrid’. Cat fights and drama are seriously what this show is about – as much as it probably makes for ‘good TV viewing’, I think it’s a load of garbage! This show isn’t about finding true love, it’s about girls competing and comparing themselves to each other.

It was at this point where I thought to myself – ‘Danielle, what on earth have you been allowing yourself to watch today?’. My thoughts were seriously impacted by watching these shows. I really believe that what we feed our brains with becomes the language we use and the mind set that we have in our day to day lives. I know that I want to be speaking truth and positivity and encouragement into people lives. Not negativity and comparison. And I know that what I feed my brain with will come out in conversations that I have with people. Time to turn the TV off and indulge in books and music a little more!

So what channel are you watching ?


Dani x


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