I love you.

It’s in the news, it’s on social media, it’s even in our letterbox. Yes, I’m talking about the marriage equality vote. I’ve prayed a lot and I feel as though I need to share this. Although I am a little hesitant, I believe that God will use it somehow. I am a christian, therefore my … More I love you.

Faith & Obedience 

A series of events have happened in the Hopkins household over the last month! It has been challenging but incredibly rewarding! I really believe that it will build the faith of some of you who read this! God has a word for you today so read on! About 4 weeks ago, I received a word … More Faith & Obedience 

Which Way?

I love sitting down and playing with my little girl. Some say having a baby is stressful, but I find it relaxing – she takes my mind off all the problems in the world. She has recently started crawling. HA HA. Now we don’t play a lot with toys, we play tag with mummy instead. … More Which Way?

Get past your past

I love reminiscing at old photos or old journals that i’ve written to remember the great times that i’ve already had in my life, don’t you? I find that every time i’m talking to someone about old memories or experiences – they’re all good ones. No one brings up things that they’re ashamed of. No … More Get past your past

The Real Enemy 

My husband and I were watching a movie last night – a rarity now that we have a baby! 😂 We watched ‘The War Room’, a Christian film about saving one couples marriage with the help of an old lady. And it really made me think!  Whenever someone does something to me that annoys me … More The Real Enemy 

A Little Snippet

I haven’t blogged in a while so bear with me! I thought I would share a little of my story hopefully to inspire others not to do what I did! So here goes! I was taught by all of my high school teachers and mentors that if God speaks to me, I should listen. Let’s … More A Little Snippet

Blank Canvas 

Ever wondered what life could be like if you knew everything you knew now but could start over? I do!  Whenever something in life happened that I wasn’t 100% happy with (serious perfectionist right here), I used to think ‘ I wish I could start over’. Or every December 31st you would think ‘yes, this … More Blank Canvas