Which Way?

I love sitting down and playing with my little girl. Some say having a baby is stressful, but I find it relaxing – she takes my mind off all the problems in the world. She has recently started crawling. HA HA. Now we don’t play a lot with toys, we play tag with mummy instead. … More Which Way?

Get past your past

I love reminiscing at old photos or old journals that i’ve written to remember the great times that i’ve already had in my life, don’t you? I find that every time i’m talking to someone about old memories or experiences – they’re all good ones. No one brings up things that they’re ashamed of. No … More Get past your past

The Real Enemy 

My husband and I were watching a movie last night – a rarity now that we have a baby! 😂 We watched ‘The War Room’, a Christian film about saving one couples marriage with the help of an old lady. And it really made me think!  Whenever someone does something to me that annoys me … More The Real Enemy 

A Little Snippet

I haven’t blogged in a while so bear with me! I thought I would share a little of my story hopefully to inspire others not to do what I did! So here goes! I was taught by all of my high school teachers and mentors that if God speaks to me, I should listen. Let’s … More A Little Snippet

Blank Canvas 

Ever wondered what life could be like if you knew everything you knew now but could start over? I do!  Whenever something in life happened that I wasn’t 100% happy with (serious perfectionist right here), I used to think ‘ I wish I could start over’. Or every December 31st you would think ‘yes, this … More Blank Canvas 


Age is a funny thing isn’t it? How old we are apparently defines what we can achieve in life. #WRONG I was 21 when I got married and pregnant. According to society…it’s too young to be doing these things. Let me tell you something. The worlds view on age is WRONG. Let’s go back to … More 22.

Valentines Day ❤

There’s this thing about the 14th February every year. Flowers, chocolates, teddy bears and dinner dates are just some of the ways people celebrate. I’ve never been one for celebrating Valentine’s Day. Probably because in year 6, I gave a teddy bear to a boy I liked and he gave it to another girl! I … More Valentines Day ❤